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The security design of a site is crucial to the protection of mission critical capabilities, and is necessary for an effective physical security program that reduces the risk of a terrorist attack. If a site is designed accurately, it will provide appropriate physical and psychological deterrence to any planned breach. Alternatively, a poor site design can highlight a facility as a possible target for the adversary. At Lorin we work closely with architects, structural engineers, landscape consultants and designers to bring you an optimal solution that will meet your security and operational requirements while maintaining the aesthetics.

The concept of security by design relates to the integration of security concepts in the early stages of the building’s architectural, structural and landscaping process of design. Implementation of the security concept at the design stage is cost effective in reducing and sometimes eliminating threats. However, security design can also be implemented in existing buildings. Perimeter barriers and protective design measures between the site perimeter and the building can greatly reduce the possibility and effectiveness of an attack, as well as the need for other costly measures to improve the resilience of the building itself.

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