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Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)
If you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. Sun Tzu, Art of War

Threats to your facility can come in many forms – natural, accidental or intentional. To combat these hazards effectively, it is necessary to know the current threats faced and to determine your vulnerability to them.

We assess your risks from various threats — weighing your facility’s vulnerability against the potential impact of credible threats, determining upgrade solutions to lower your risks, and then re-assessing your risks based on these upgrades.

Assessing threats includes:

  • Determining vulnerability
  • Analyzing risks
  • Recommending improvements/upgrades
  • Re-analyzing risks
Security Master Plan

Developing a security master plan involves systematically determining tangible and intangible assets, risks and vulnerability to threats, and suggesting countermeasures. We work closely with you to develop an overall physical security plan, including security policy and operating procedures for physical, electronic, procedural and personnel security. This plan takes into account the specific needs, strengths and weaknesses of your facility, balancing it with budgetary and other constraints.

Developing a Security Master Plan includes:

  • Initial Preparation – understanding the facility, surroundings, etc
  • Site Surveys
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Report
  • Security Concept Plan
  • Security Operational Plan
  • Technical Plan
  • Preparing and Evaluating Tenders
  • Project Management, Implementation & Testing
Blast Protection & Mitigation

Our expert security consultants can optimize and hone your security systems, procedures and facilities to an unprecedented level. Yet, as we have seen in the past, even the most secure facilities in the world are sometimes breached by determined terrorists, through a combination of planning, audacity, determination and sheer luck. Of all the possible modes of attack, the explosive attack is one of the most feared.

If all else fails and such an attack does succeed, Blast Protection & Mitigation can reduce the effects of the attack in terms of casualties and property damage.

Blast Protection & Mitigation includes:

  • Detailed study of the structural integrity of the facility, with analysis of its level of resistance to damage in an explosive attack
  • Analysis of an explosive attack’s effect on critical structural elements, and the resulting losses
  • Study of the potential of progressive collapse and secondary fragmentation
  • Recommendation of measures to mitigate the discovered threats, to reduce casualties, damage to property and business interruption.
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