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Critical infrastructure

Infrastructure is vital for the smooth functioning of a company’s or country’s operations, thus making it an irresistible target to anyone intent on disrupting those operations. When it comes to protecting fundamental facilities and utilities, Lorin provides both in-depth and a breadth of experience for all service networks. We work with you to advise you on critical infrastructure protection (CIP) initiatives, and often engage consultants to facilitate assimilation and knowledge transfer.

Public transposition

Lorin provides solutions to all ground transport security issues. Often overlooked in favor of more high profile areas such as air travel, we believe that this area is just as critical. Mass transit systems and public transportation has become a preferred target in the eyes of terror organizations. Madrid, London, Moscow and Berlin are agonizing reminders of this. Securing such systems is a sensitive and delicate challenge, being implemented in the heart of cities with dynamic vulnerabilities, complex environments, and dense passenger concentrations.


Public Installations and buildings have an exceptional set of features that make security and safety requirements different from those of other buildings. They must simultaneously accomplish two things: protect valuable items and guard bene factors. On the other hand, they must remain open to the public and be designed to be welcoming and relaxed spaces to visitors. Because of this, traditional “defense-in-depth” security is knowingly compromised because of the need to let patrons come near valuable assets, so a more innovative approach to security is required. Good security in these spaces must be minimally intrusive but also offer maximum effectiveness.


Our most valuable and precious assets, our youth, reside within the school walls. Protecting them is every educator’s highest priority. Lorin thoroughly understands the education environment, and having licensed teachers and instructors on our staff, means that we have real-world classroom and administrative experience in education. We understand what’s needed to protect your facilities and how to create a level of protection within the budget constraints schools are often faced with.


The operating reality of the current maritime setting is full of vigorous, emerging challenges. Public and private entities must traverse new laws, regulations and standards, which may not always be in harmony. Meanwhile, greater interdependencies expose security systems to greater commotion and increasing system complexity makes operational response and recovery more difficult. Averting this range of new, increasingly complex threats requires strategic analysis, a thorough understanding of risk, and integrated planning to make the best use of finite resources.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions face unique risks — corporate espionage and loss of information assets. Facilities where personal and confidential information are stored and processed require a special level of protection to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of this data.
Lorin team is well-versed in industry standards that will ensure that your institution is adequately protected, while our dedicated cyber security partners will provide you with the best methods to protect your digital assets.

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