For over a decade, Lorin has undertaken design, research and assessments to protect people, systems and infrastructure from natural hazards, man-made or accidental extraordinary events, and deliberate attacks.

Behind our strategic consultation and training, is a team of first-rate consultants. These veterans of elite military units and government agencies offer in-depth knowledge of their specialized fields and extensive practical experience. The Lorin team’s professionalism, skills and broad range of activities enables us to provide you with top-notch, effective and practical solutions to any security concerns you may face.

“Knowing what the likely external threats are, and knowing the strengths and limitations of your security system gives you the advantage of being able to prepare adequately to face the most likely threats, with the right tools and training.”

Our Guiding Principles

CREATING SECURE ENVIRONMENTS: Lorin will apply its knowledge, skills, and talents in the area of protective services to be a creative, resourceful, and authoritative asset to our clients. This includes, but is not limited to, prevention and risk management in the event of: Terrorist attacks, Criminal activities and Natural disasters



Lorin Services & Consultation Group began operating in Israel in 2008, and soon expanded to offer its extensive security services and solutions in Asia. Today, with bases in Israel and Singapore, Lorin continues to work closely with law-enforcement agencies and the private sector, and undertakes a broad range of projects, including high-risk and sensitive areas..


Our security solutions are aimed at protecting the general public, employees, infrastructure, and the company (including its commercial assets) in general, from hostile elements – both criminal and terrorist, and enabling the provision of uninterrupted transportation services to the traveling public. Lorin Team Security aims to meet the specific needs of specific industries: railways, mass transit, maritime, etc., and to provide effective state of the art responses to the unique threats they face, taking into account operational and other constraints. Solutions developed by our experts have proven their effectiveness by foiling a number of attacks over the years.

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