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Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)
If you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. Sun Tzu, Art of War

Threats to your facility can come in many forms – natural, accidental or intentional. To combat these hazards effectively, it is necessary to know the current threats faced and to determine your vulnerability to them.

We assess your risks from various threats — weighing your facility’s vulnerability against the potential impact of credible threats, determining upgrade solutions to lower your risks, and then re-assessing your risks based on these upgrades.

Assessing threats includes:

  • Determining vulnerability
  • Analyzing risks
  • Recommending improvements/upgrades
  • Re-analyzing risks
Security Master Plan

Developing a security master plan involves systematically determining tangible and intangible assets, risks and vulnerability to threats, and suggesting countermeasures. We work closely with you to develop an overall physical security plan, including security policy and operating procedures for physical, electronic, procedural and personnel security. This plan takes into account the specific needs, strengths and weaknesses of your facility, balancing it with budgetary and other constraints.

Developing a Security Master Plan includes:

  • Initial Preparation – understanding the facility, surroundings, etc
  • Site Surveys
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Report
  • Security Concept Plan
  • Security Operational Plan
  • Technical Plan
  • Preparing and Evaluating Tenders
  • Project Management, Implementation & Testing
Blast Protection & Mitigation

Our expert security consultants can optimize and hone your security systems, procedures and facilities to an unprecedented level. Yet, as we have seen in the past, even the most secure facilities in the world are sometimes breached by determined terrorists, through a combination of planning, audacity, determination and sheer luck. Of all the possible modes of attack, the explosive attack is one of the most feared.

If all else fails and such an attack does succeed, Blast Protection & Mitigation can reduce the effects of the attack in terms of casualties and property damage.

Blast Protection & Mitigation includes:

  • Detailed study of the structural integrity of the facility, with analysis of its level of resistance to damage in an explosive attack
  • Analysis of an explosive attack’s effect on critical structural elements, and the resulting losses
  • Study of the potential of progressive collapse and secondary fragmentation
  • Recommendation of measures to mitigate the discovered threats, to reduce casualties, damage to property and business interruption.


The security design of a site is crucial to the protection of mission critical capabilities, and is necessary for an effective physical security program that reduces the risk of a terrorist attack. If a site is designed accurately, it will provide appropriate physical and psychological deterrence to any planned breach. Alternatively, a poor site design can highlight a facility as a possible target for the adversary. At Lorin we work closely with architects, structural engineers, landscape consultants and designers to bring you an optimal solution that will meet your security and operational requirements while maintaining the aesthetics.

The concept of security by design relates to the integration of security concepts in the early stages of the building’s architectural, structural and landscaping process of design. Implementation of the security concept at the design stage is cost effective in reducing and sometimes eliminating threats. However, security design can also be implemented in existing buildings. Perimeter barriers and protective design measures between the site perimeter and the building can greatly reduce the possibility and effectiveness of an attack, as well as the need for other costly measures to improve the resilience of the building itself.


“The threat landscape is changing. The digital revolution has transformed the world in a multitude of positive ways—but it has inadvertently created new threats”


We specialize in Integrated Security Systems for indoor and outdoor applications. We have designed hundreds of security projects that have been implemented all over the world. These include integration of various security subsystems such as Perimeter Protection, CCTV, Network Video Recording (NVR), Data Communication Systems, Video Analytics, Access Control, facial recognition, License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, Screening Devices, Anti-Blast Engineering, Physical Protection and Cyber Security. Most systems are operated and controlled by Command & Control Centers equipped with an advanced Security Management Software application (SMS) or PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) system.


Lorin specializes in designing Integrated Command and Control Centers that centralizes the monitoring, control, and command of a system’s overall operations. Associated most often with highly complex and multiple coexisting systems, these typically secure rooms are used by Public projects, Universities, Transit systems, Utility agencies, Police and Fire departments or any organization that needs to manage distributed operations.
Vital aspects of these Control Centers is connecting the field sensors and communications to allow seamless flow of data and distribution of critical instructions, notifications, and alerts on the basis of Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Operational capability-based solution design for 24 x 7 operations
  • Hardware selection with security, redundancy and fail over capabilities
  • Selection of platform in alignment with monitoring capabilities
  • Systems must be programmed and configured for use by the operators with intuitive, simple-to-use outputs
  • Layout design for multi-classification level environment
  • Large format display design oriented towards achieving situational awareness
  • Communication systems for distribution of direct and indirect information to stakeholders
  • Individual operator viewing
  • Power distribution design

Your assets in the digital world “inside the wire” are significant — from intellectual property to financial information and digital communications, and the impact of them being compromised could be catastrophic. Our security partners understand the importance of your digital world and how it needs to be protected. They’re knowledgeable of the cyber risk discovery and the best methods to protect your data.


Your security program can be elevated to new levels of performance through the use of new technologies. At Lorin we understand new and emerging security technologies such as robotics and drones and the capabilities, legalities, and cost impacts of using such technologies. Having Lorin as your partner brings the planning, design, deployment, and use of these technologies into focus.


The success is in the details. Our security Project Management services will allow you to keep your eye on your responsibilities while we manage your security project. Our experienced Project Managers have a wealth of experience in managing security construction projects from the simple to the highly complex. We set clear expectations and keep projects well documented and on schedule.

Tender Management

A properly organized tender for a security contractor can help you get the right contractor for the job. It’s a complex task — putting together the relevant documents, developing the right specifications and evaluating the tender responses is best left to an experienced security consultant.

We can assist in managing your tenders and ensure that you end up with the right contractor for the job. All the required materials, from security drawings to performance specifications and any other relevant items will be prepared for inclusion with your standard tender documents. When the tender is closed, Lorin will aid in evaluating the submissions and advising you on the pros and cons, and the strengths and weaknesses of each contractor to assist your decision-making process.

Tender management process:

  • Preparation of drawings, specifications and other documents
  • Integration with client’s standard tender documents
  • Evaluation of tender submissions
  • Professional advice provided on the merits of each submission / contractor
  • Client makes informed decision on award of the contract


“There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience.”

Red Teaming is a close-to-real-world simulation of a security incident that is enacted at your premises. It poses no risk or threat to your organization, assets and personnel but can expose weaknesses that may be exploited by real hackers, thieves, intruders or terrorists. Once these weak points are identified, we can recommend and institute solutions to eliminate them.

While Security Analysis offers an expert insight into the effectiveness of your security setup, Red Teaming offers a perspective from an adversary and is invaluable in determining if and how an attacker can breach your defenses.

Penetration Testing (IT)

Using specialized techniques, including industrial network safe ‘hacker’ methods, our experts gain privileged access to your systems. These are virtually the same techniques used by hackers, but carried out so there is never any risk to your systems.
This process can be done in conjunction with your staff, or as a covert operation, before any other testing or analysis is carried out, to closely simulate a real-world attack. Either technique helps discover areas of vulnerability in your system.

Physical Security Testing (Red Team/Tiger Team)

This test is similar to a Penetration Test, but with an expanded scope that includes physical security. Our expert team will use proven techniques employed by real hackers, thieves and terrorists, exploiting vulnerabilities in your network, social engineering techniques and physical weaknesses to gain access to your facilities. The test is performed at the beginning of our engagement, without prior knowledge of your organization’s security systems.
Without posing any real risk to your assets and personnel, this test will expose and identify the key weaknesses in your security that could be exploited by a real adversary.

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