We are actively engaged in key industry and professional associations and organizations.

Counter terrorism certification board

Our consultant sits at the international certification board for CCTP Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner and CPSC certificated physical security consultant professional’s certifications.

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We are delighted to share that Lorin is an official partner of Deloitte SEA Risk and Crisis management consulting. Lorin has been chosen by Deloitte to provide services for all security, counter terrorism and risk assessment projects.

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Ministry of Home Affairs

Lorin consultants are approved by MHA Commissioner of Infrastructure Protection to prepare a security plan in connection with specified works for a Special Infrastructure or Special Development.

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SGW consulting

Lorin has been partnering with SGW consulting for security-related projects in Asia pacific. Since 2003, SGW has been providing security consultant, safety consultant, risk management, security engineering, and CCTV consultant services to the built environment.

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