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Surveillance & Surveillance Detection Course For VIP Protection units

History has taught us that the vast majority of hostile acts are preceded by hostile surveillance.  Surveillance Detection is the field craft and skill to confirm or deny if a hostile force is collecting intelligence on your principle or facility as part of preparations for an attack.  The primary function of the Surveillance Detection Enabled Team is to identify and disrupt the Hostile Planning Cycle, specifically during the initial surveillance and pre-attack/advance surveillance phases as well as recognize a pending attack before it happens. To maximize efficiency, Surveillance Detection agents operate covertly in the field thus forming an invisible extended ring of security around your principle or facility.Designed for modern day threats and instructed by Former Surveillance Detection and Covert Protection experts, participants will be exposed to methodologies developed in the field by some of Israel’s far most experts.Having instructed in Government and Private sector, our instructors knowledge as well as techniques suitable for these respective sectors. Courses may be in Israel or at the client country.

Training Course Goal:

Any terrorist or criminal attack requires prior planning before it can be carried out. Locating and thwarting such activities at the planning stages creates a situation whereby the attack cannot be carried out. In order to accomplish this, our training will provide insight into assailant organizations, their mentality and their methods of operation. Security personnel will be exposed to proven methods and measures of preventing attacks.


  • This is a revolutionary process that is based on action and initiation. It prevents the assailant from “shooting the first bullet”, and instead puts him in a situation where he is caught by surprise.
  •  It erases old concepts in the security doctrines, such as self defense and reaction and exchanges them with new concepts of initiative action, prevention and early neutralization
  • It is not here to replace the existing methods, but rather to be an additional part, integrated with them, in order to achieve a more comprehensive result.
  • It is using practical approach by applying many field trainings and visual materials in order to achieve the desirable outcome for the participants.



  • Identifying Surveillance vulnerabilities
  • How to plan Surveillance
  • How to impose Surveillance
  • How to create a cover & a cover story
  • How to remain covert in any environment
  • Covert/Clandestine field methods
  • How to report correctly
  • How to communicate covertly
  • Integrating protective surveillance and low profile CP

Surveillance Detection:

  • How targets are selected by hostile individuals and groups
  • How to defend against hostile intelligence collection
  • How to recognize hostile Surveillance activities
  • How to identify and strengthen facilities against Surveillance vulnerabilities
  • How to identify and strengthen your Principal against Surveillance vulnerabilities
  • How to identify mistakes in hostile covert action
Open to members of public and private security  professionals

  • Government Close Protection Units (VIPPU) & Personnel
  • Official and Corporate Facility Security Teams
  • Corporate and private Close Protection Teams
  • Law Enforcement Close Protection Personnel
  • Lectures
  • Field exercises
  • Case study analysis.

Participants will be required to fill in the registration form provided by Lorin Pte Ltd to the truest information prior to the course commencement.

Course is open for law enforcement and legitimate related organizations.


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Well Done! I really like to thank both of you for the sharing of the outstanding course with  us.

Ibrahim ICA

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December 09, 2019
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