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  • 03/TP/VP/02

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V.I.P. Protection Course

The primary objective of the VIP Protection training course is to accustom the participants  with an understanding of how to avert the likelihood of a criminal or terrorist attack against those whom they provide protective services .Most terrorist attacks often appear to be committed without any warning or reason.

Actually, quite often these acts of terrorism or criminal activity are well planned. They are more often carried out by intelligent, calculating individuals.

They may be committed to a cause and strongly believe the use of violence or kidnapping is morally justified to accomplish their goals. They may target a business or government representative for monetary gain or simply due to the citizenship that the individual holds.

Implementing various methods in use within the Israeli secret service, the courses have been designed to teach and reinforce basic and advanced executive protection skills so that the participants will be left with a new vantage and clear understanding of their responsibilities. The programs are designed to help participant refocus through relevant and useful tactical examples, even if you have formal protection training in your background.


  • Theory with highlights on
    • Introduction to Security in general.
    • The Adversary - types and modus operandi .
    • General security answers and methods; general and specific for VIP security.
    • Israeli Concept of VIP security.
  • Technical Combat Shooting
  • Krav Maga – Israeli Martial Arts
  • Operational Driving:
  • Tactical Exercises:
  • Concluding Exercises: Single Agent, Team, Surprise Drills:
  • Planning Exercises:
  • Analysis of Attacks on Protected VIP’s
Open to members of public and private security professionals 

  • Directors of security
  • Corporate security personnel
  • Current and former law enforcement officers
  • Active duty and retired military personnel
  • Federal, state, and local government security
  • Private security details
  • Newcomers to the field or those wanting to transition into executive protection
  • Lectures on listed topics covering money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Discussion of real life case studies
  • Table top exercise
  • Red Team Blue Team practical exercise.

None. Course is recommended for participants in private and public sector dealing with VIP Protection duties.

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