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VIP protection

Basic Level Training Course

In today’s world acts of terrorism or criminal activity are carried out by intelligent, calculating individuals. This 6-day training will allow attendees the unique perspective of “looking through the eyes of the adversary”, helping them develop effective security systems.

Topic covered

  • Introduction to VIP protection
  • VIP protection – purpose, background and goals, analyzing assassination and attempts
  • The adversary (the assassin)
  • The integral security components
  • Security Systems & Techniques
  • VIP security concept
  • Bomb threats
  • Minimum budget, maximum security
  • Security situations
  • VIP assassination – case study
  • VBIED – car bombs
  • The deadly combination – suicide bombers
  • Recognizing suicide attacks
  • Letter, book and parcel bombs
  • Briefing the VIP
  • Operational file
  • Open / Closed event

What you’ll take away from this course:

  • Course certificate
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Excellent training course.

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November 12, 2019
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