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Rappelling Tactical Course

When there is a terrorist/criminal attacks in urban areas and search & rescue situations, rappelling is often needed and is used to help forces reach target areas quickly and efficiently, to help resolve the emergency.

This course is developed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement, and Military personnel. It will discuss all necessary equipment, and safety practices. The course also encompasses practical exercises of, basic rappelling, and inverted rappel techniques.

The goal of this “Tactical Rappelling Course” is to provide law enforcement personnel assigned to Swat / Tactical Operation teams the fundamentals and hands-on-training that will enhance their confidence and rappelling skills needed for “The Vertical Option”.


  • Role of the Reconnaissance / Assault Climber
  • SOP development
  • Development of a mishap and training safety plan
  • Development of organizational “vertical” capabilities
  • Personnel selection criteria and development of a tactical climbing team
  • Mission planning, intelligence development, briefing, rehearsals, inspections, debriefing
  • Knot tying skills
  • Rope management, equipment selection, maintenance, accountability
  • Natural and man-made anchors
  • Mechanical advantage
  • One rope bridge
  • Vertical hauling lines
  • Rappel points and rappelling
  • Balance climbing
  • Top roping
  • Placing protection
  • Belaying (self, top, and bottom)
  • Steep earth and tree climbing
  • Fixed rope installation
  • Cliff reconnaissance
  • Cliff assault
  • Mountain / rural patrolling
  • Caving ladder techniques
  • Low-light operations
  • Medical casualty evacuation
  • Climbing Surfaces and Rescue (CSR)
  • Installation penetration while fighting.
  • Rescue of people trapped in an installation.
  • Helicopter Rapping.
  • Reality-based scenarios and situational training exercises


Open to Law Enforcement and Military Personnel Only

  • Police SWAT units
  • Army Commandos
  • Special Governmental Security Forces
  • Fire Department

This 3 to 5-week training is designed to train security forces in the technique of rappelling using special gear.

Law Enforcement and Military Personnel Only. Students must provide credentials verifying affiliation with above-listed organization(s). Minimum age for enrollment is 18.

Students should be in excellent physical condition and have no debilitating medical conditions or any medications that could affect physical ability and judgment.

The course will require end user certification from the client side.

Participants will be required to fill in the registration form provided by Lorin Pte Ltd to the truest information prior to the course commencement.


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