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Wireless network Hacking

With the use of laptop computers and PDA’s and mobile devices increasingly on the rise, the places where people perform computing are spreading.  Network connectivity has become an integral part of computing.  It is easy therefore to see why wireless networking is being employed on an increasingly larger scale.  Wireless networks are a growing target for hackers creating numerous security challenges such that flaws and vulnerabilities can be exploited by malicious hackers to gain access into wireless system architectures.

The Wireless Hacking course is a new and unique course that will help IT professionals develop and implement secure networks by understanding current standard vulnerabilities and how attacks are planned and perpetrated. 

Training Overview

Wireless Hacking will help you understand how to improve WLAN security by showing the ways networks are attacked. You will examine current  802.11 standard security flaws and learn possible countermeasures.

The course is ideally divided into three parts: a detailed description of the hardware needed to perpetrate the attack; how to perform network mapping and site surveying; and then to learn how attacks are performed.

  • Introduction to wireless hacking
  • Protocol 802.11
  • Assembling the arsenal: hardware 802.11
  • RF behavior
  • 802.11 drivers and utilities
  • Network mapping and site surveyng: ‘wardriving’
  • Securing wireless networks (live)
  • Algorithm vulnerabilities (live)
  • Planning the attack
  • Assembling the arsenal: tools of trade (live)
  • Dos attack: - Airjack - File2air - void11 – macflood Breaking through (live)


Open to members of public and private security  professionals

  • IT Managers
  • IT Security Specialists
  • Security Officers
  • EDP Managers
  • Wireless Network Administrators
  • Individuals and enthusiasts interested in this topic
Various means of key recovery (live)

  • WEP bruteforcing - The FMS attack - The Korek Attack

Hardware administration

  •  Main hardware configuration parameters - Best practices

Bluetooth technology

  •  Protocol and stack – Vulnerabilities  - Possible scenarios


A background in wireless networks
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Well Done! I really like to thank both of you for the sharing of the outstanding course with  us.

Ibrahim ICA

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December 09, 2019
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