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  • 06/TP/Inv/02

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Understanding Body Language

The non-verbal behavior of a person is a rich source of information about him – in particular, in those cases where there is need to produce information under conditions of lack of cooperation from the other side and to aim at discovering the truth. The workshop deals with ways of diagnosing suspicious signs, identifying telltale signs of stress and tension and producing information concerning unacceptable behavior for senior management and personnel in the security field. In addition, the workshop will cover the acquisition of a general understanding of non-verbal behavior in face-to-face meetings, whether displayed by the manager, the suspects, the employees, etc. 

Course Objectives

An introduction to the world of body language in order to understand and get to know the significance of body language, the possibilities of extracting information using this tool, and what we should be aware of in interpersonal interactions.

  • To increase the awareness of the participants about information that can be derived from non-verbal messages;
  • To provide tools for identifying, locating and decoding suspicious messages;
  • To provide an understanding about non-verbal behavior in situations of stress and anxiety;
  • To provide tools for broadcasting non-verbal messages required by the media;
  • To provide awareness and tools with regard to the transmission of leadership and assertiveness towards subordinates;
  • Introduction to Body Language
  • Understanding the Physiological Structure of Human Responses
  • Types of Movement & Understanding Their Meaning
  • Practicing and drilling different body language meanings; Identifying signs of Lying
  • Understanding Body Language signs that are unique to Singapore
  • Case studies – sharing actual experiences.
  • Field exercises.


Open to members of public and private security  professionals

  • Public sector This workshop will be particularly useful for members of the law enforcement and intelligence community who are interested in enhancing their interrogation and interviewing techniques in order to facilitate career progression. The workshop will also be of interest for security personnel who operate in high-risk areas and interact with the residents of those areas and who seek to minimize the amount of false information they act upon and increase the efficiency of their investigations.
  • Private sector- this training session is also useful for professionals which deals with daily interaction in the investigation and risk management fields, it is also suits personals in human resource departments
These 2 days’ workshop is enriched with Practical exercise, photographed simulations, screening of video clips, demos, and lecture.Engaging and practical activities will enable you to practice in scenarios that are designed to be relevant to your professional world

None. Course is highly recommended for investigative officers of all law enforcement departments and HR officials from government, public and private sector.

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