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Financial Fraud and Embezzlement

Identifying, Preventing and Investigating Financial Fraud and Embezzlement, Money Laundering and Terrorist Funding:

Financial organizations are constantly facing new financial challenges. These organizations do not always manage business risks caused by theft or fraud, mainly due to their lack of knowledge in these fields. Beyond the impact of the financial loss, embezzlement or fraud also harms the reputation and image of the organization, its employees and managers, and may make them susceptible to government and civil lawsuits. Beyond the lawsuits from the authorities and civilians that were harmed, money laundering and terrorist funding stemming from use of a company’s infrastructures may place the organization on black lists.

The aims of the course:

  • A basic introduction to business risks resulting from fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and terrorist funding
  • Imparting basic tools to understand the risks to which an organization is exposed and how these risks can be dealt with using publicity and information
  • Presenting the technological tools that exist to prevent these risks, and how to use these tools to quantify and investigate the risks
  • Business risks resulting from embezzlement and fraud
  • Business risks resulting from money laundering and terrorist funding
  • Components of fraud
  • Common types of fraud
  • Tax authority frauds, such as the “Revolving Door”
  • The essence of money laundering
  • The essence terrorist funding
  • The role of an internal auditor in managing risks stemming from embezzlement and fraud
  • The role of the compliance office in managing risks of money laundering and terrorist funding
  • A survey of internal risk management in an organization
  • Technological tools available for dealing with these threats
  • Auditing and procedures
  • Open to members of public and private security professionals
  • Investigators and intelligence personnel and analysts that deal with various investigative fields, in management positions in commercial companies, with an emphasis on internal auditors, directors, audit committee members, accountants and lawyers, economists, as well as functionaries from the public sector.
  • Interactive learning and active class participation
  • In-depth discussion of listed topics
  • Case studies and videos
  • Class exercises
  • Question and answer sessions


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