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Crime Scene Investigation Seminar

Crime scene investigation is the origin for the forensic evidence that can lead to the offenders. Collecting and evaluating the evidence from crime scenes is the most important role of a crime scene investigator. This 2-day seminar presents a comprehensive approach to crime scene investigation, and teaches the correct procedures for working at a crime scene.

• Introduction to crime scene investigation
• Types and characteristics of crime scenes
• Forensic evidence – types and value of evidence
• General standard procedures
• Tools for collecting evidence
• Working at various crime scenes
• Crime Scene Workshop – experiential training in a simulated crime scene

Open to members of public and private security professionals
This course is designed for new crime scene investigators with little or no knowledge of forensic investigation. The aim is to deliver a practical hands-on approach to allow students to get as much experience as possible. Once completed students can progress to an Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Course.

• Lectures on listed topics
• Discussion of real life case studies
• Table top exercise

None. Course is highly recommended for forensic investigating and training departments of law enforcement, government, public and private organization.

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After just our first lesson we were very confident of our lecture… Have no doubt in introducing the course to anyone in Singapore.

Randy from Legend security

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December 09, 2019
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