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  • 06/TP/Inv/01

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Advanced Investigation Course (Customs Enforcement)

Lorin is pleased to present a customized learning solution for the training of Singapore
Customs investigations officers in practical skills for investigation management and successful field

To equip investigations officers with practical skill sets in the following areas:

  • The art of interrogation and persuasion using psychological methods
  • The technique and skill in getting an admission or confession
  • Planning and directing field operations
  • The techniques in identifying, collecting and gathering evidence
  • Evidential requirements in an investigation
  • Investigation management and supervision
  • Reviewing and directing investigations
  • Pre- and post enforcement action and investigations
  • Introduction to Questioning and Interrogations: The concepts and process
  • The PEACE Model
  • The Reid 9 Steps of Interrogation
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Strategies to defeat the interrogation, from the offender’s point of view
  • Planning and directing field operations
  • The techniques in identifying, collecting and gathering evidence
  • Operational debriefing and learning lessons
  • Investigations management and supervision


Course is open for members of National Customs Organizations and Agencies.


  • Lively and Interactive Lectures
  • Use of visual tools to complement lectures
  • Numerous Case Studies (based on real or first-hand experiences) to illuminate understanding of subject matter
  • Role-Play/ Simulation with Video Re-Play for immediate review session
  • Physical Drills in 4-5 person teams
  • Small group work with assignments and presentation
  • Question & Answer

None. Course is highly recommended for investigative officers of customs department.

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December 09, 2019
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