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Business Intelligence and Industrial Espionage

This seminar is focused on the added value of the CI capability in the firm. The main
emphasize is on the internal process and the interrelations between the CI arm and
the decision makers. The CI is expected to assist in the estimation of current and future
developments in the external environment and its impact on the firm’s performance.

The seminar provides with critical tools to the senior management to improve the use of CI and also to the CI directors and analysts to learn how to serve better the intelligence needs of the management.

By the end of the seminar the participants will be able to:

  • Know the main issues concerning CI activity.
  • Better understand the company’s information needs, including determining Key
  • Intelligence Topics (KITs).
  • Identify the Key Success Factors (KFSs) of CI.
  • Analyze practical management challenges of implementing CI into the firm.
  • Improving analytical capabilities for better CI products.
  • Build close relationship between the executive management team and its CI arm.


The use of case studies in addition to the usual teaching through presentations, examples
and discussions will make the training practical by presenting various solutions.

  • CI– fundamental concepts - toward building CI capability.
  • Implementing the intelligence cycle - combining theory and practice (from Israel and global).
  • CI as a strategic tool.
  • Tools to improve CI capability of the firm.
  • CI in the decision making process - utilizing CI practices in strategic decision making.
  • CI – Combining theory and practice in corporations - final notes and discussion.
  • Senior management executives
  • Competitive intelligence directors
  • Other key executives
  • Lectures on listed topics
  • Discussion of real life case studies
  • Table top exercise


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The seminar Is interesting and insightful, the sharing of experiences and case study were valuable.

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November 12, 2019
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