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Establishing a Covert Surveillance Detection Unit

Enhancing your defense via covert methods


The Need

For any attack, from the most simple to the most sophisticated, Hostile Surveillance is the earliest stage at which the professional security operator is likely to become aware of a potential hostile intent.
Whether it is by terrorist or criminal groups, or single-purpose activists committed to disrupting AGM’s, making anti-globalization protests or simply obtaining high-profile media coverage, the ability to conduct hostile surveillance without fear of being spotted or diverted is one of the major considerations in Target Selection.
In the present world, every major organization should consider Surveillance Awareness and Surveillance Detection as being of vital importance to its security operations, at every level from organization director to ground-floor security personnel.


The Seminar

This 1-day seminar will introduce the main components of establishing a specialized Surveillance Detection Unit, and will allow security managers to understand key points when recruiting staff, where to focus missions and logistics required.
All material is covered in a structured and realistic manner, and is designed to allow participants to gain the greatest amount of information that will be of immediate use to them in their working environment.

  • Principles of Surveillance Detection
  • Protective Strategies
  • Benefits and key factors in developing an SD program
  • Building an SDU, first steps
  • Budgets and requirements
  • Logistics and manpower
  • Routine activity, do’s and don’t
  • Emergency activity and associated responsibilities
  • SDU best practices, from a management angle

Course is open for law enforcement and legitimate related organization.

  • Series of lectures on featured topics.
  • Relevant field exercises.
  • Video case studies and analysis.
  • Interactive discussions.


Participants will be required to fill in the registration form provided by Lorin Pte Ltd to the truest information prior to the course commencement.

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