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  • Counter Terrorism

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  • 01/TP/CT/08

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  • Instructional Seminar
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Terrorist Attack Prevention Engineering

This 2-day course focuses on the use of architecture, engineering, people and technology to deter attacks on buildings, critical infrastructure and public areas, or to mitigate the effects of an attack successfully carried out.Looking specifically at the casino environment and the specific threats to that environment, the training provides tools and methodologies for understanding threats and risks, identifying vulnerabilities and for taking a holistic approach to security by building an integrated view of the physical, technological and human aspects of security. Extensive use of case studies will enable the appreciation of these concepts through real world examples and innovative cost effective solutions will be presented to typical security challenges.By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate typical threats and their risks to people and property
  • Learn about how various threats affect people property based on case studies of actual attacks
  • Familiarize yourself with the phenomena of suicide bombers
  • Understand risk and threat analysis methodology and the benefits of an empirical study of the physical security of a facility
  • Understand how to apply the methodology to buildings, critical infrastructure, casinos, hotels and public transportation
  • Gain an overview of common physical and technological methods of protection and understand their role in deterrence, detection and mitigation
  • Determine and prioritize your security needs and align them with the perceived threats and the available budget


  • Threats and risks
  • Anatomy of an explosion
  • Suicide bombers
  • Firearm attacks
  • Holistic approach to physical security
  • Rings of security
  • Building domain – products
  • Technology domain
  • Human domain
  • Prioritization
  • Physical protection


  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Goverment Organization
  • Ministries and Related Organizations
  • Lectures on listed topics covering money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Discussion of real life case studies
  •  Table top exercise


Recommended for security department for critical infrastructures and public installations.

Course is recommended for law enforcement organizations.

Particpants will have to complete and submit a Lorin Registration form prior to attending the workshop.

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Well Done! I really like to thank both of you for the sharing of the outstanding course with  us.

Ibrahim ICA

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