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  • 01/TP/CT/02

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Improvised Explosive Devices and Bomb – Current Threats

There is an increased use of explosive devices by adversaries / terrorists around the world. This course addresses the following critical areas:

  • What is the threat?
  • Understanding explosive forces
  • How do we protect ourselves and others

We will also explore the motives of bombers, recent threat changes, and how explosive forces affect critical infrastructure. The attendee will gain firsthand knowledge in identifying explosive devices, medical preparedness issues, practical security measures and features, and insight into the various policies and procedures that will mitigate or minimize an explosive event.

The course also widens the participants’ perspectives and allows them to select the appropriate tools to confront the problem more effectively.


  • Combing of premises
    • What method should we use?
    • What should we search for?
    • What do suspicious items actually look like?
    • What does the charge consist of?
    • What causes it to explode?
    • What are the most modern techniques that terrorist organizations utilize?
    • Booby traps
    • Demolition charges and the threat of explosives in the service of terrorism
  • Mechanisms and detonators terrorists use — standard and improvised/home-made
  • Suicide bombers—recruitment methods, incentives, what they are willing to do, and what makes them sacrifice themselves in order to kill others
  • The identification of suicide bombers—how can we recognize them prior to the terrorist attack? Car bombs — the most lethal terrorist weapon: types, complex utilization methods, roadside explosive charges, and suicide drivers!
  • Security-system planning
  • Security-related technology—how technology can help.
  • Following an attack — how to react appropriately and effectively should the worst happen.
Open to members of public and private security professionals 

The State Sector: Policemen, military personals. Security supervisor and managers in state-run facilities governmental offices, counter terrorism units, Public-Transportation, Courts, Schools, State functionaries’ body guards, etc.).


The Private Sector: Security companies’ personnel, security managers, risk and emergency manager’s, representatives of security-related academies, Hotel-security managers, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Regional corporations and companies, VIP Body Guards, etc.

The seminar will consist of presentations and videos, direct sharing of information and experience, and analysis of past events. We provide practical training that emphasizes logic rather than automatic procedures — we teach security personnel how to think.

Recommended for security department for critical infrastructures and public installations.

None.  Course is recommended for law enforcement organizations.

Particpants will have to complete and submit a Lorin Registration form prior to attending the workshop.

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