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  • 01/TP/CT/04

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Counter Terrorism Protection Management for Public Installations

In the framework of global terrorism with variable and changing targets, the recent terrorist attacks are against public places and high concentration of people.Terrorist attacks by means of explosive devices are not the exclusive experience of any specific country. Terrorist organizations having a full range of opinions, motives and geographical locations, operate on an international level.Examining the new objectives and terrorist targets:

  • Hotels, shopping malls and centers, entertainment locations and western targets
  • All the selected attacks listed above will be examined, conclusion will be highlighted and together we will build the optimal protective solution. The scenarios will be our foundation for the security principles.
  • Our main conclusion: what is our security preparedness level? How do we prioritize our security means, how will we put most of our efforts in protection and security while our resource (budget, human) is insufficient


Our secret weapon is early and effective preparations and deployment


In our program we will emphasis on the “security manager” as an important factor of the comprehensive solutions (response as first active force) until the arrival of all the emergency forces to the scene. The level of our readiness will be examined on personal, group, local and even national level.

Emergency response, fast recovery and operations continuity are the milestones in the educational process of the security managers. In order upgrade our performances we will conduct on the 3rd day of our program two-sided drill with group simulation of protective forces and attackers.



  • Introduction: current threats - terrorism nowadays. Training security-system managers as a first-rate auxiliary force operating prior to the arrival of emergency forces in all fields
  • This perception will enable the seminar participants to return to their workplaces with a sense of professionalism and with energies they will use to upgrade current security levels.
  • What drives global terrorism? Terrorist organizations that operate in the region
  • Bomb security: explosive devices
  1. Booby traps: the ultimate fear of the security personnel when combing the premises
  2. Booby-trapped cars: a brutal and wide-spread weapon
  3. The Adversary - the Terrorists in Jakarta and Mumbai – India
  • The defense concept and the effect of initial responses
  • Provide a readiness framework through training of security managers, which will serve (as we learned from the attack in India) to provide to the army, police, special forces, and civil defense, in giving immediate support in several fields :

1. Scanning for additional explosive devices.

2. Evacuation of audience and imposing order until the police force arrives to handle the incident.

  • Maintenance of a high-alert operational security system. Simulations for different scenarios and implementation of company regulations as operational fundamentals and as the basis for "a professional common language".

Following this introduction and once the principle of demolition charges is understood, we will elaborate on the following topics:

  • The Suicide Bomber:
  • Signs that help identify a suicide bomber - what to do
  • The “Mini-Max” security strategy - a managerial tool
  • Security-related technology - the effective defense mechanism
  • The incident scene - post-attack procedures


Open to members of public and private security professionalsThe purpose of the seminar is to share the substantial experience Israel has gained due to its constant confrontation with terrorism. The seminar's diversified topics are intended for:The Private Sector:

  • Security companies' personnel, security managers, risk and emergency manager’s, representatives of security-related academies, Hotel-security managers, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Universities, Regional corporations   and companies, VIP Body Guards, etc.

The Public Sector:

  • Policemen, security supervisor and managers in state-run facilities governmental offices, Public-Transportation, Courts, Schools, State functionaries' body guards, etc.).

The seminar will consist of presentations and videos, direct sharing of information and experience, and analysis of past events. We provide practical training that emphasizes logic rather than automatic procedures — we teach security personnel how to think.

Recommended for security department for critical infrastructures and public installations.

Course is recommended for law enforcement organizations.

Particpants will have to complete and submit a Lorin Registration form prior to attending the workshop.

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The seminar Is interesting and insightful, the sharing of experiences and case study were valuable.

SPF Singapore police force

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November 12, 2019
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