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  • Aviation Security- Detection and concealment Techniques.

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  • 02/TP/AS/01

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  • Seminar
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Explosive Devices and Bombs

Aviation Security Module – Explosive Devices and Bombs

There has been an increase in the use of explosive devices by adversaries / terrorists around the world. This course addresses the following critical areas: identifying the threat; understanding the explosive forces; and how to protect ourselves and others.

We will explore the motives of bombers, recent threat changes, and gain an understanding of explosive forces and how they affect critical infrastructure. Attendees will learn how to identify an explosive device, medical preparedness issues, practical measures and features, and insight into the various policies and procedures that will mitigate or minimize and explosive event.

  • Introduction to the Prevention of Attacks by Means of Explosives
    • Knowledge of the adversary’s capabilities, methods and tools
    • Understanding an adversary’s motives
    • Confronting the adversary – Deter, Locate, Respond
  • The Adversary
    • The adversary’s intelligence-gathering techniques
    • How the adversary chooses a course of action
  • Demolition charges and the threat of explosives in aviation terrorism
  • Mechanisms and detonators terrorists use — standard and improvised / home-made
  • Methods of concealment
  • Security System planning
  • Security-related technology and how we can use it
  • Maximizing the capabilities of the technology

Open to members of public and private aviation security professionals

  • Airport and Airline Security managers and officers
  • Law enforcement personnel involved in airport operations
  • Managers from companies involved in airport operations
  • Government representatives involved in Security,
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Government representatives involved in critical infrastructure
  • security
  • Managers of ground handling companies
  • Law enforcement agencies responsible for aviation security

The seminar will consist of presentations and videos, direct sharing of information and experience, and analysis of past events & extraction of operative conclusions. Dynamic and interactive teaching methods are used, as well as table-top exercises.


Professionals from private and public sector who deal with aviation security. Participants should be affiliated with recognized related security organization.

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The seminar Is interesting and insightful, the sharing of experiences and case study were valuable.

SPF Singapore police force

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December 09, 2019
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