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Top-notch, professional training requires first-rate trainers. Lorin employs only the best, most respected names in their respective areas of expertise to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to trainees. Our trainers are either current or former professionals in the security field, from the police, military or similar backgrounds. Highly experienced, they bring with them years of first-hand knowledge and emphasize practical, effective training methods.

Following are brief bios of some of our team:

Commander (Ret) Abraham (Avi) Dawidowicz

Areas of Specialization: Criminology and Criminal Justice Science

Graduating Magna cum Laude with a Masters Degree in Criminology, ComdDawidowicz spent many years in various positions in the Israeli Police Force, and is currently a lecturer in the Criminology Department of Bar-lian University in Ramat Gan, Israel.

He helped develop the new profiling studies program in Israel, bringing it into compliance with modern professional standards.

He has held numerous intelligence and investigative positions in the Israeli Police, the last of which was Head of the Investigations Department of The National Investigations Unit for International Organized Crime. Here, he was responsible for complex, sensitive investigations, many involving public figures – surviving this awkward arena was a feat in itself.

Special Agent (Ret.) Bashan

Area of Specialization: Bomb Security &Counter Terrorism

A former head of the Bomb Security Department (ISA Israel), Special Agent Bashan served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Secret Service for over 20 years. As team leader of the government VIP protection unit, he was responsible for the security of three Israeli Prime Ministers.

He has trained hundreds of Israeli security officers, and devised and implemented the security procedures and systems that are still in use at the Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

Special Agent Bashan also provides security consultation to the private sector on bombs and personal security, and has provided specialized training for SPF and Singapore prison.

Ivor Terret

Areas of Specialization: Surveillance detection.

is currently based in Israel, where he was a founding member, team leader and instructor of a government Surveillance Detection Unit specializing in all areas of Surveillance Detection and Covert Protection, including projects involving Heads of States and Critical Infrastructure. Ivor brings 18 years of international counter terror experience at both the official and private sector levels. Ivor has instructed hundreds of students including government VIP units, government SD units, specialized law enforcement units as well as corporate EP and SD units. Ivor is an authorized counter terror instructor meeting the standards set forth by the Israeli Police Force.

Instruction, training and operations for specialized security units from various fields, both in Israel and internationally:

  • Specialized official protection operations for Israel and US leadership at Head of State Level
  • Entire government dignitary protection unit (Europe)
  • Select members of SWAT unit (Europe)
  • Security officers for critical infrastructure (Israel)
  • US specialized security details
  • Port security officers (Israel)
  • Luxury hotels (on world top 10 list) security staff (UK)
  • Specialized units of the counter terror bureau (Europe)
  • PSD team members (Iraq and Afghanistan)
  • Coalition Embassy quick reaction force (QRF) members (Afghanistan)
  • Design and implementation of covert SD and covert facility protection unit (first in India)
  • Specialized security operations and consultation to members of Forbes 100 wealthiest people list
  • Specialized security operations and consultation to some of the worlds largest multi-national corporations
  • Specialized security operations at the 2010 FIFA World Cop Soccer (South Africa)

Malaravan Ron (Ret) Warrant Officer of Singapore Armed Forces

Areas of Specialization: Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Specialized Interview and Interrogation (IDF)

Ron has served in the Singapore Armed Forces for the past 31years and retired in Feb 2011. Throughout his career he has served in many combat units particularly in Military Intelligence department for 20 years. He headed as a lead Instructor and Course Commander for numerous HUMINT courses. His overseas Combat Operations includes United Nations Peace Keeping mission and other classified operations.

He was also trained by the Israel Defense Force in specialized areas such as interview and Interrogation. He assisted in setting up a specialized Intelligence Unit in the SAF in 2010.

He has attained advance certification as a Polygraph Examiner with the Singapore Police Force/ Criminal Investigation Department. He is currently admitted as a member of the Singapore Association of Polygraphers (Statutory Board).

He has also attained Graduate Diploma in Counter Terrorism and Security and Graduate Certification in Polygraph Examination (USA).

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After just our first lesson we were very confident of our lecture… Have no doubt in introducing the course to anyone in Singapore.

Randy from Legend security

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December 09, 2019
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