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Our Philosophy

“Providing our customers effective and practical solutions and methods that are suitable for today’s environment.”

Lorin Services & Consultation Group provides comprehensive range of civil security-related solutions directly and in collaboration with its partners and subsidiaries. Our primary offerings include security consultation, audit and training.

Lorin offers both classroom-based and practical training to ensure trainees are thoroughly prepared to deal with real-world circumstances, in fields such as:

  • General Security
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Investigation
  • Intelligence
  • Applied Criminology & Crime Science

Behind our training is a team of first-rate consultants, instructors and lecturers from many nations, primarily Israel. Veterans of elite military units and government agencies, they offer in-depth knowledge of their specialised fields and extensive practical experience.

Our professionalism, skills and variety of activities enables is to provide our customers with top-notch, effective and practical solutions. We collaborate and cooperate with other security-industry companies worldwide, to enable us to offer the best service and expertise in every security-related field.

Lorin is the official representative of IMI Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training, subsidiary of Israel Military Industries Ltd (IMI) in South East Asia.

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Well Done! I really like to thank both of you for the sharing of the outstanding course with  us.

Ibrahim ICA

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December 09, 2019
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