Affiliate Program

Lorin offers institutes, organizations, individual professionals and security experts the prospect of becoming an affiliate. As our affiliate, you may choose to distribute or franchise Lorin’s professional training courses within your geographic domain. Lorin also offers all its affiliates an proposition to attend its seminars and trainings at special discounted prices as a result of two or more references that they may choose to make for a particular training course announced by Lorin.

Lorin’s professional training courses are participated by security professionals from law enforcement and defense organization, hospitality security, legal and audits, investigation professionals from around the world. Our training services are revered as one of the advanced training solutions offered in the fields of Aviation, Maritime, Counter terrorism, VIP Protection, Intelligence and Investigation and your affiliation to Lorin will be a direct participation to the international security awareness agenda.

Why Become Lorin Affiliate?

Since the inception of the company Lorin has never deterred from its aim, to develop unique security solutions in terms of training courses and advisory services. The main reason for Lorin’s success is its unique perspective, which lays emphasis on the effectiveness of our solutions.

Our affiliate program will grant you access to one of the most advance tactics and strategies that are developed by an esteem panel of trainers and experts who carry the most impressive professional portfolios in their own respective field of expertise, worldwide.

Who Is This Program Intended For?

Our affiliation program is intended for organizations and practicing experts who want to increase their business arena and wish to gain maximum advantage from their existing contacts and customer database. Lorin’s affiliation program will ensure your business portfolio expands many folds as Lorin hopes to promote only world-class training courses that have a much sort after international market in security business field.

You should contemplate the idea of engaging yourself as a Lorin Affiliate if you are:

  • A security technology company providing turnkey solutions for security master design consultancy.
  • A security training company
  • An individual security advisor
  • A security professional who may be interested in generating additional revenue.
  • A Risk Consultancy and Security Advisory company
  • Security and related department of Government Organization.

How to Become a Lorin Affiliate?

Becoming a Lorin Affiliate is easy, free and available to anyone looking to expand their business and have an incremental revenue. To become a Lorin Affiliate follow the easy steps:

  • Email us your Company profile, SOP, resume (if you are an individual practitioner).
  • Explain in brief your strengths and strongholds in security market.
  • Lorin will review and evaluate your documents and inform you of the outcome.
  • Sign a simple Affiliate Associate Agreement with Lorin.
  • Begin emailing your contacts about our training courses and seminars with links and marketing information provided to you by Lorin

How Lorin Support our Affiliates?

Our affiliates will receive ongoing marketing support, online tools and marketing resources to assist them in promoting Lorin training products and seminars.

  • Lorin’s expert hailing from various security professional background with extremely respectable career portfolios in their own filed have structured every course by understanding culture, environment and threat levels faced by the target audience of every specific society.
  • Flash and html banners that can easily be assimilated on your website.
  • Marketing materials that you can use to send an email about a Lorin professional Training.
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Ibrahim ICA

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December 09, 2019
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