Adversary Perspective

There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience.

While Security Analysis offers an expert insight into the effectiveness of your security setup, Adversary Perspective is a method of determining if and how an attacker can breach your defenses. These close-to-real-world simulations pose no threat to your organization, assets and personnel, but can expose weaknesses that may be exploited by real hackers, thieves, intruders or terrorists. Once these weak points are identified, we can recommend and institute solutions to eliminate them.

Penetration Testing (IT)

Using specialized techniques, including industrial network safe ‘hacker’ methods, Lorin’s experts gain privileged access to your systems. These are virtually the same techniques used by hackers, but carried out so there is never any risk to your systems.

This process can be done in conjunction with your staff, or as a covert operation, before any other testing or analysis is carries out, to closely simulate a real-world attack. Either technique helps discover areas of vulnerability in your system.

Physical Security Testing (Red Team/Tiger Team)

This test is similar to Penetration Test, but with an expanded scope that includes physical security. Our expert team will use proven techniques employed by real hackers, thieves and terrorists, exploiting vulnerabilities in your network, social engineering techniques and physical weaknesses to gain access to your facilities. The test is performed at the beginning of our engagement, without prior knowledge of your organizations security systems.
Without posing any real risk to your assets and personnel, this test will expose and identify the key weaknesses in your security that could be exploited by a real adversary.

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December 09, 2019
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