Strategic Advisary

Security lapses are often the result of one of two failings, sometimes both: poor planning — improper or inadequate systems and procedures; poor implementation — when the systems and procedures in place should have been adequate to negate the threat, but were let down by poor execution.

Lorin offers Security Consultation & Audit services are designed to assist you setting up and maintaining security systems and procedures, tailored to your specific needs. Our professional, multidisciplinary training programs ensure that your personnel are able to fully realize the benefits of these security systems and infrastructure.

Security Consultation & Audit

“To catch a thief, you have to think like a thief.”

To prevent or mitigate an attack, you have to get in the mind of an attacker — what are the opportunities he looks out for, which vulnerabilities appear the most attractive? This applies to both attacks in the real world, as well as the cyber world.

It is not feasible to protect completely against all forms of attack. Getting into the mind of the potential attacker, our team of experienced security experts analyzes your particular organization’s needs and areas of possible vulnerability, and makes recommendations accordingly.

  • Analysis of security needs and risks
  • Vulnerability assessment and testing
  • Recommendation of solutions optimized to your specific requirements
  • Development of security systems and procedures
  • Integration of system with existing facilities and routine
  • Security program implementation & security management support
  • Site security inspections, surveys and audits
  • Security awareness, training & education
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After just our first lesson we were very confident of our lecture… Have no doubt in introducing the course to anyone in Singapore.

Randy from Legend security

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November 12, 2019
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